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Cutting Edge Grounds Care


Total Grounds Maintenance

Kettle Creek Landscaping provides St. Thomas and area with the highest of quality grounds maintenance available. With a commitment to excellence, we safeguard and enhance your property's beauty year-round. Offering comprehensive services — from precise mowing and fertilizing to expert pruning and weed control — we ensure your outdoor space remains consistently impeccable. Rely on our dependable expertise to ensure your property is always looking its best.

Clean Up

April - May

A proper spring clean-up sets the stage for a healthy lawn and landscape. Our first priority involves tidying lawns, gardens, and parking lots, removing any debris and residue left from the winter season. Additionally, our team addresses winter damage by pruning shrubs and trees that require special attention. Following the clean up, your Client Care Manager conducts a thorough assessment, identifying areas for potential improvements or repairs presenting tailored solutions to enhance your outdoor spaces.

Start The Season Off Right

Grounds Care

May - October

Once the grass needs mowing typically by the end of April or early May, our grass crews will show up at your property every week to mow and trim your property. At Kettle Creek Landscaping, we prioritize using the latest, well-maintained equipment to ensure a meticulous job. Reliability is our cornerstone, guaranteeing your property is in trusted hands. Our crews are committed to maintaining your property's top condition. We perform comprehensive mowing, trim all turf areas, meticulously edge for clean lines that enhance your landscape, and clear hard surfaces, leaving your property in pristine condition.

Where First Impressions Take Root


May - October

Keep Your Gardens Flourishing

A meticulously tended garden not only enhances your property's appeal but also leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Employing top-notch horticultural techniques guarantees that your garden receives the care it deserves, complementing the overall appeal of your property. Our skilled gardeners provide weekly care for your gardens, tending to weeding, edging, pruning, deadheading - ensuring your garden beds always look their best.


Late May - September

Enhance With Annuals

Looking to impress? Annuals provide a quick and impactful solution, transforming garden beds into vibrant showcases that captivate visitors. Acting as versatile fillers, these seasonal blooms elevate your outdoor space, delivering that 'wow' factor your property deserves. Arrangements and decorative urns warmly welcome visitors, adding an inviting touch to your property's appeal.

Clean Up

September - November 

Get Your Property Winter Ready

Fall foliage brings beauty to our landscape, yet if not promptly removed, leaves can adversely affect your property's condition. Kettle Creek Landscaping is here to ready your property for the impending winter season. Our fall clean up services ensure your landscape is appropriately prepared before the snow arrives.


Mulching Gardens

Enhance your garden's with our premium mulching service. Our application of 3" depth shredded pine mulch offers various benefits, such as retaining moisture, suppressing weeds, and regulating soil temperature for optimal plant growth. We discourage the use of dyed mulches due to their inability to break down and enrich the soil, and their colorants may leach into the soil, posing potential harm to the organisms living in your soil. Nurture a healthier garden ecosystem through our premium mulching service, promoting robust plant growth and sustainability for your landscape.

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Get the grounds care you deserve.
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