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Where Service Is Always in Season


Commercial Snow Removal

Winter weather can be unpredictable, but you can always count on Kettle Creek Landscaping to keep your property safe and accessible. Our snow removal services are fast, efficient, and reliable, so you can rest easy knowing that property will be cleared and salted when you need us most.

Always Prepared

Anticipating and preparing for storms well in advance, our team at Kettle Creek Landscaping is dedicated to proactive readiness. With 24/7 radar tracking, we stay ahead, ensuring timely response and action. Our commitment to safety and efficiency is evident through comprehensive equipment training for all crew members. Additionally, our on-site ice-melting material storage guarantees a fully stocked inventory, ensuring uninterrupted service even when supplies dwindle elsewhere.


Site Inspections

Before and throughout the winter season, we conduct comprehensive site inspections to identify and address any slip and fall hazards on your property. These inspections are meticulously documented and managed through our software program to ensure a proactive approach to safety. We provide transparent insights into potential hazards and propose solutions to promptly resolve any issues so that your property is as safe as possible at all times.


At Kettle Creek Landscaping, we bring over 35 years of expertise in snow removal, ensuring your peace of mind during winter weather. With a dedicated fleet of 50+ machines, we stand ready to handle any snow event efficiently. Our experienced plowing teams prioritize clearing primary pathways on your property during major events, providing continuous service until your entire property is safe and cleared. Equipped with GPS tracking software, all our machines meticulously record their activity, offering solid evidence of our snow removal service. These systems are in place to help protect you against slip and fall claims by having solid, reliable evidence of service to snow due diligence on your part and ours.

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We have dedicated sidewalk crews that are equipped with ride on sidewalk clearing machines, blowers and shovels. These crews are true snow fighters. They work through whatever mother nature throws at them to help keep your property safe and accessible! 

Snow & Ice Melting

At Kettle Creek Landscaping, we focus on ensuring your safety by employing a fleet of dedicated salt trucks to clear snow and ice from your parking lot. Our sidewalk crews meticulously tend to walkways and entrances, ensuring safe passage for visitors to your business or home. We maintain an inventory of 1000 tons of salt in our storage shed, including concrete-friendly ice melter available upon request. Ice melter is a concrete friendly option and can help limit "salt tracking" to interior surfaces.


Snow Hauling

When the piles of snow start to impact available parking spaces on your property, Kettle Creek Landscaping has the equipment to relocate your snow off site. This service primarily takes place at night to limit any interruptions in your day to day business.

Request a consultation today to discuss your winter maintenance needs.

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